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Blue Valley Southwest is excited to host a new team this school year; Lacrosse!  Many of the boys have been playing together for the past nine years through the various youth and high school programs.  And even more exciting, we have several new players from Blue Valley Northwest, Blue Valley Southwest and have the opportunity to recruit from Spring Hill, Gardener, and Louisburg. We expect to have a very strong first season in the Lacrosse Association of Kansas City League!
The BVSW Timberwolves need your help.  Lacrosse is a club sport played at the junior varsity and varsity levels, therefore all funds to support the team must come from fundraising and fees paid by the players. Our 2018-2019 budget is almost $30,000.

This fundraiser will first be used to help offset the cost of new helmets for each player.  Additional donations will go to the program in order to fund practice field time, team equipment, game costs, and additional tournaments throughout the year.
Timberwolves Lacrosse Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax exempt, non-profit organization.  All donations may be tax deductible.  Receipts will be provided for all support.  


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